• 01

    Deposit Recieved

    Received deposit.

    Date – 10/15/2021

    Status: Done

  • 02


    Board will contain all woods from original Chaotic Fire examples:

    Padauk, Sapele, Cherry, Ash, Hard Maple

    Board will be 22+ X 22+ X 2 inches

    Status: Done

  • 03

    Wood and Materials Selection

    Hand-selecting each piece of hardwood to be used for the project.

    Date Estimate:  10/19/2021

    Status: Done

  • 04

    Wood Delivery

    Raw lumber delivered.

    Date Estimate:  10/20/2021

    Status: Done

  • 05

    Initial Milling

    Begin milling the lumber into usable pieces.

    Date Estimate:  10/24 /2021

    Status: Completed

  • 06

    Initial Milling Continued

    Cut flattened lumber into strips to be used in the initial glue ups.

    Date Estimate:  10/31/2021

    Status: Completed

  • 07

    Perform First Glue Ups

    Use hardwood strips in first glue-ups.

    Date Estimate:  11/05/2021

    Status: Complete.

  • 08

    Cut new strips from first panels

    Cut new strips from the first panels.

    Date Estimate:  11/07/2021

    Status: Not started.