Next Level I

A beautiful large cutting board.  This one will definitely take your kitchen to the next level.

Follow The Levels

Real design come to life – This isn’t just beautiful.  No, it is much more than that.  This is a BIG beautiful cutting board.  25 inches of beauty in fact.  You can follow the levels of deep red crimson colored padauk back and forth across the board.  Bright yellow heart provides just enough highlight.  Black walnut provides a deep rich background.  Four rubber feet, attached with stainless steel screws, provide stability and counter top grip while also saving your end grain cutting board from sitting in standing water.  A carefully beveled edge around the entire top edge provides a look of precision craftsmanship.

Hardwoods Used

Padauk, Black Walnut, Yellow Heart

Other Materials

4 Rubber Feet, Stainless Steel Screws

This board is unique. Once you buy this board, it is gone forever.  I may make more boards that are similar, but there is only one of this board.  Every board is intended to be a unique work of functional art.  Also, every end grain cutting board made by Mez Woodworks contains natural wood materials.  This means that with every board comes natural beauty and natural flaws.  Take a look at the photos as we have painstakingly detailed every angle to ensure you know what you are getting.  The board photographed is the actual board you will receive.

25 Inches


13.75 inches


2 inches