For The Genuine Chef’s Kitchen

It’s not enough to say that this is a really. big. cutting board.  It’s also about the design.  This end grain cutting board features five different hardwoods in alternating thick and thin stripes.  Make no mistake, this board is for the genuine chef’s kitchen.


The best chef deserves the best board – and we believe this is it.  This end grain cutting board features strongly beveled edges, on top and bottom, to give a precision feel.  Hand holds have been cut from the short ends of the board for ease of lifting.  This board has six rubber feet, attached with stainless steel screws, for ultimate stability and counter top grip.  The feet also serve to keep your prize cutting board from sitting in moisture that might be in and around your cooking work space.

Hardwoods Used

Padauk, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Cherry, Maple

Other Materials

6 Rubber Feet, Stainless Steel Screws

This board is unique. Once you buy this board, it is gone forever.  I may make more boards that are similar, but there is only one of this board.  Every board is intended to be a unique work of functional art.  Also, every end grain cutting board made by Mez Woodworks contains natural wood materials.  This means that with every board comes natural beauty and natural flaws.  Take a look at the photos as we have painstakingly detailed every angle to ensure you know what you are getting.  The board photographed is the actual board you will receive.

25 Inches


14.5 inches


2 inches